LusAfro movie suggestions | spot on Angola

. Nowadays we´re happy to have tons of nice movies about music out there portraying musicians, certain cultures & all kinds of musical genres.

Daniel Haaksman, DJ/ Producer, owner of Berlin based label Man Recordings  and expert on lusophone sounds curated a list of films that show the rich musical culture but also the complex realities of Angola. Her are two of the most recommended films:

E Dreda Ser Angolano (Pedro Coquenão, Laty Da Silva, Portugal/Angola, 2007)

One day in the life of Luanda, the capital Angola. A young democracy rises after a recently ended war with some growth´s pain but always with a smile on its hips. Picture it all surrounded by a fictional radio. Radio Dreda, playing the sounds of Kuduro or edgy and reality-based hip hop. This kind of documentary is a tribute to the Angolan people and all the other Angolan artists that were able to seek inspiration out of the adversities of everyday life and contribute to the creation of a new identity.


Kuduro – Fogo No Museke” (Jorge António, Angola, 2007)

Since its independence from Portugal, Angola has never witnessed a cultural movement as dynamic and controversial as Kuduro. In the mid 00s, the energetic musical genre became an international phenomenon birthing various local adaptions. ‘Kuduro, Fogo No Museke’ is the social and cultural portrait of a new generation of Kudurusitas.