LusAfro Artist Choice Playlist #2 Dino D’Santiago

. Our brother, positive spirit and popular Cape Verdean Soul singer told us his about some of the most influential artists for his own music. The result is an obviously very soulful but also varied list with some interesting picks. Discover it yourself:

DJ Jeff Afrozilla (Angola / Portugal)

Branko (Portugal) 

Boddhi Satva (BEL)

D’Angelo (US)

Bob Marley (JAM)

Tito Paris (CV)

Bilal (US)

Salif Keita (MLI)

Bon Iver (US)

Ms Lauryn Hill (US)



LusAfro Artist Choice Playlist #1 Buruntuma

. One of the youngest LusAfro participants, the talented Afro House DJ Buruntuma gives us an insight into his mayor musical influences compiling this groovy playlist – ENJOY!

Salif Keita – Mandjou

Forever a fan of Mali music, grew up influenced by this West African music.“ 


Robin S – Show me Love

„This song marked my youth. Got a lot of air time on tv and radios back in the 90s in Guinea-Bissau.“


Shana – Out

„Released in 2009, one of the first Afro house tunes that i got into it. By the former group of my favorite DJ Black Coffee“


Vado Poster – Boemios

„What a beat! One of best Angolan producers right now!“


MCM Geomagic – Salif (Remix Afro House)

„One of the best newcomers on the afro house scene, from Angola.“


Mbambu Records – Mãe do Zongue

„Summer 16 Hit in Portugal.“


Dj Lilocox – Principe 2015

„One of the finest representatives of the underground sound of Lisbon that is taking over Europe.“

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LusAfro at Atlantic Music Expo in Praia, Cabo Verde…

Roundtable | Auditorio / Palácio Da Cultura | 15h-16h45 | “Music from lusophone African

featuring Kalaf Angelo (Angola/Portugal/Germany), (Guinea Bissau/Portugal), Dj Marfox (São Tomé und Príncipe / Portugal), Dama Do Bling (Mozambique), Tony Amado (Angola), Helio Batalha (Cabo Verde)

Moderation: Daniel Wahl (Mexico/Germany)

LIVE PRESENTATION | Praca Luís de Camões
17h-17h40 | LusAfro session 1

Africaine 808 (GER), Fattú Diakité (CV), Alberto Koenig (CV), Dama do Bling (MOZ), Buruntuma (GW/PT)

18h50-19h30 | LusAfro session 2

Batchart (CV), Helio Batalha (CV), Mister Santos (GER/PT), Daniel Haaksman (GER), Ceuzany (CV), Nissah Barbosa (CV)

20h30-21h10 | LusAfro session 3

Dino D’Santiago (CV), Seiji (UK/GER) Perera Elsewhere (UK/GER), Rapaz 100 Juiz (CV)

22h10-22h50 | LusAfro session 4

Gato Preto (GER/MOZ), Dj Marfox (ST/PT), Tony Amado (AO), LusAfro Crew

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LusAfro promotes musical exchanges between lusophone Africa & Germany & features professional workshops, musical collaborations & live presentations.

The project is lead by the department of Consultancy and Special Projects of Piranha Arts, with Harmonia in Cape Verde and WDR Cosmo in Germany as partners.

Artistic Directors and artistic advisors: Daniel Haaksman, Francis Gay and José da Silva.

LusAfro is funded by the TURN Fund of the German Federal Cultural Foundation (Kulturstiftung des Bundes).

This blog will feature the 3 phases of the project over the year and be regularly fed with all kind of contents audio, videos, articles around the thematic.

Listen to some music of the featured LusAfro artists on soundcloud


6th-11th April 2017 | Praía, Cape Verde: professional workshops, musical collaborations & live presentations @ Atlantic Music Expo

19th – 22nd July 2017 | Odyssee Festival in Germany: live presentations @ roadshow festival

25th November 2017 | Big UP! @ Gretchen Berlin: live presentations

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confirmed artists for the meetings in Cabo Verde

Alberto Koening (Cabo Verde) | Africaine 808 (Germany) | Batchart (Cabo Verde) | Buruntuma (Guinea Bissau / Portugal) | Ceuzany (Cabo Verde) | Conductor (Angola /  Portugal) | Dama do Bling (Mozambique) | Daniel Haaksman (Germany) | Dino D´Santiago (Cabo Verde/Portugal) | DJ Marfox (Sao Tomé/Portugal) | | Fattú Diakité (Cabo Verde) | Gato Preto (Mozambique/Germany) | Helio Batalha (Cabo Verde) | Kalaf Epalanga (Angola /Germany) | Mister Santos (Germany/Portugal) | Nissah Barboza (Cabo Verde) | Perera Elsewhere (UK/Germany) | Rapaz 100 Juiz (Cabo Verde) | Seiji (UK/Germany) | Tony Amado (Angola)

...participating journalists & music professionals to be announced soon!